Consider the following if you’re looking for a Laptop, or even Desktop Computer.

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If you’re looking for a good quality laptop that won’t break the bank, you should definitely consider getting a used, refurbished business grade laptop. These laptops come from industry leading brands like Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP and are a cut above your standard home-consumer type models.

The reasoning behind them being so much better is simple, they are designed to last longer, and cope with the stresses of daily use in office environments. Business professionals simply cannot have any downtime as this would seriously harm their productivity and bottom line. Most of these models also feature enterprise grade technologies and have really nice features built in like backlit keyboards, fingerprint readers and more, which typically only come on much higher end units.

These business grade laptops including the Dell Latitude, Lenovo Thinkpad, and HP Elitebook series typically also would have cost several thousand dollars when new, they have much better construction and are more robust, for example see this snippet from Wikipedia…

Dell Latitude computers are also built to Dell’s RoadReady specification which includes a durable magnesium-alloy casing, internal metal frames and Strike Zone shock protection in case the computer is dropped or suffers a severe impact. Many models also feature free-fall sensors or solid-state drives. Latitude models are also considered more durable and higher quality than the Inspiron line, and even above the premium Studio and XPS models.

Being that these models are highly popular and extremely well built, there is also more chance of future upgradability and parts being available for repairs.

Many companies tend to update their machines periodically, as the majority of these corporate level businesses have their IT equipment on a leasing structure. This means every few years or so, these machines while still in brilliant condition, are no longer required. This is where we come in, we source these machines and select the best of the bunch, fully test them, service them inside and out, then upgrade them where necessary to meet the needs of today.

Once these machines are ready for sale, you’re generally looking at a sub-$600 machine which is in fantastic condition, and sure to beat even most new models at the same price point. For example check out this comparison below…

hungryPC Refurbished
Dell LatitudeE6420 Laptop
Acer Aspire ES1-531-C9V1 Laptop
Intel Core i5 2520M Intel Celeron N3050 Processor
Price: $345.81 Price: $583.00 (on special at major retailer)
*comparison was made 28/03/2016 with a current “mid range” refurbished laptop and a major retailers current “mid range” offering.

To most people the above models would sound very similar, both have 4GB RAM, both have an Intel Processor, but the one very important key factor here is what TYPE of processor, the Intel Celeron / Pentium Dual Core and other low-end offerings like some of the AMD Dual Core processors used in most of these sub-$600 laptops are not even close to the speed, performance and feature set of the much higher-end processors like the Core i5 series. See the benchmark comparison below showing real world test results of these two processors head to head (screenshot from a leading processor comparison website).

CPU Comparison

Simply put, side by side, a refurbished business grade machine like the machines we sell, would beat this BRAND NEW laptop hands-down in speed and usability. Not to mention, in our opinion, based on our own personal experiences these high end business grade laptops usually even outlast brand new home-consumer type models thanks to high quality construction, better quality parts and better all-round build quality.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a nice refurbished laptop like the one we’ve shown above, be sure to check out our laptops section by clicking here, or simply contact us for a competitive quote.


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