Keep a “Gadget Box” for all your important documents.

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Sometimes when we open that new gadget up, we rush to its electronic goodness and spend hours playing with it. But what happens to the rest of the documentation stored in that packaging? Make a habit of putting it all in a “Gadget Box”.

Whenever you buy your new gadget, whether it be a new TV, Smartphone or even Toaster, store your invoice and warranty paperwork in a safe place. Ideally purchase a filing box of some description or even use a spare drawer in the house to organize all of those important documents. This will save you from stressing out trying to find that all-important invoice when you might just need it more than ever.

Not to mention, it’s very useful for resale value if you still have the original documentation, and kind of cool to see just how long you’ve had your gadgets for and where you purchased them from.

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