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BEAST Core i7 Tower, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD, GTX 1080 GFX, Win 11 + WiFi


Enterprise power in a smaller space, the HP EliteDesk 800 Tower delivers high performance and style with a redesigned 25% smaller chassis, get a modern looking machine that fits well in your space. With the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Dedicated Graphics Card this can play just about any game you throw at it, GTA V, Fortnite, CS:GO, Minecraft, Leauge of Legends, Roblox with most games enjoying good framerates at medium to high settings. A great choice for studying, streaming movies in high resolution, Photoshop, or to use as a powerful home or office PC, with multi-monitor capability.

Faster and more reliable, the included Solid State Drive increases performance by more than 10x versus a conventional hard drive, and with no moving parts its far more robust.

Machines such as these business-grade units are typically built with much higher quality, robust parts. These are designed to last and will often far outperform cheap new computers.

Runs just like new and in great cosmetic condition. We fully wipe, service, clean & test each individual computer, inside and out. Where necessary, components are replaced or upgraded for longer life. Spend less and get a better machine with hungryPC.

FREE BONUS Wireless (WiFi) Adapter Included! Ready for Wired & Wireless, Fibre or Broadband Internet!

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Genuine Microsoft Windows 11 is ready to go, freshly installed and activated and we’ve loaded the latest security updates and drivers to get you online.

Don’t waste time setting up, we’ve loaded Google Chrome, Zoom, Skype, VLC, PDF Reader, and Antivirus, with a Microsoft compatible Office suite to make and edit any Office, Word, Excel & PowerPoint files with LibreOffice.

HP Elitedesk 800 G3 TWR Specifications:
  • Intel Core i7 7700 QUAD CORE up to 4.20GHz Turbo!
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Dedicated Gaming Graphics Card
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • SUPER FAST 512GB Solid State Drive
  • 2TB Hard Drive for Extra Storage
  • Ports: 10x USB 3.0 (4x Front), 1x USB-C Front, Gigabit Ethernet, HD Audio, DVI, HDMI, 3x DisplayPort
  • DVD/CD Writer
This unit would be ideal for:
  • Working or Studying from Home
  • Word Processing, Spreadsheets and other Documents, School, Uni and Business work.
  • Internet Browsing, Email, Social Media, Facebook etc
  • Streaming with TV On Demand, Netflix, Youtube, Movies and other media
  • Photos and Videos, storage and organization
  • Running other programs for business or home use

Operating System Choices

Please note: Supported CPU Requirement is Bypassed for Windows 11 upgrade, future updates may be unavailable. If you need full, official Windows 11 support, see our listings for 8th Generation onward machines.

Your choice of Operating System version is installed fresh with latest Security Updates. Yes, we can even load Linux at no extra cost! Simply select your preferred option from the Accessories / Upgrades section.

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Very happy with my gaming pc. Full communication with seller! Thanks heaps


Get Discounted Device Repairs for Life

With our commitment to sustainability, we are the first in NZ to offer our repair discount program. Simply by purchasing your device from Hungry PC you’ll be eligible to receive 50% off our labour charges for any servicing or repairs to this device for 2 Years. This program rewards our loyal customers the benefit of cheaper repairs on any out of Warranty services required including accidental damage etc. Extend your warranty with us and we increase this discount program for the usable lifetime of the device.

Businesses demand reliability and usually take care of and maintain equipment to a high standard throughout their life. We’ve fully refurbished these machines after coming off lease, from use in a corporate environment.

Through refurbishment each machine is individually checked, and thoroughly tested in house. We then find our refurbished machines have a very low failure rate, even compared to when they were new. This is because factories do not often test each unit individually. In our experience these units will perform as good, if not better than when they were new.

Buying refurbished not only saves you money, by getting a better computer at a cheap price. It also supports a sustainable environment and reduces landfill, which we think is awesome!

At Hungry PC every unit is individually tested with worn components replaced or upgraded as necessary to bring these systems a new lease on life. We strongly feel it is very different than simply buying a second hand PC from someone in the marketplace. Our expert technicians with over 15 years experience place an extensive QA process to ensure the physical hardware is effectively as close to new as it can be. Often due to our processes, the upgrades we fit to these desktop and tower PCs make them function better than when they were brand new.

Since buying a Refurbished PC can save you a lot of money and provide excellent performance, we feel they are a great idea not only for your bank balance, but also for the environment. By reducing ewaste and keeping these devices from landfill, we repurpose and renew them, to ensure they can bring a great deal of enjoyment to someone who is looking for a machine that can fit into any budget.

Yes! We are more than happy to supply your next PC purchase with your favorite choice of Linux distribution or other operating system. Simply select your prefered option when making your purchase, and we will load it for you before shipping.

We strive to source the highest quality, business grade, ex-lease equipment. Instead of selling ordinary consumer grade equipment, we focus on machines that are designed for the corporate world. These computer systems have higher build quality, more reliable parts, and typically more powerful specifications. After our extensive testing process, we can be sure the machine will last the test of time. We have had many customers return to us and buy computers years after their first purchase, as they were impressed with the reliability and want to upgrade to their next, newer, fancier and faster machine.

We try to make things super simple, once your machine arrives you’ll find a FREE WiFi Adapter included in the package, alongside a Power Cord. Next steps are to simply connect these along with your Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor into the unit. You can either use your existing Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor to effectively treat our refurbished PC as an “Upgrade Box” or these can be purchased as an extra with your order. Check out our range of accessories here.

Once you have everything connected, you can turn on the machine and enjoy it, the rest has been done for you already, operating system will be loaded, ready for you to connect to your WiFi and install your programs, check your emails and browse the internet. Easy!

For a full list of helpful setup guides, check out our Tech Support section.

quality testing

To ensure your system arrives in excellent working order, our technicians meticulously test and service each individual machine before shipment to ensure they meet our high standards.

All major hardware components like RAM, Hard Drive / SSD, Power Supply & Motherboard are fully tested to ensure a quality and reliable system. We install all latest security updates, and compatible drivers to get you up and running quickly and safely.

Where necessary worn components are either replaced or upgraded to give these machines a new lease on life.

Need something different? We can customize a machine to suit your needs. Contact us with your requirements.

With hungryPC you get NZ's BEST QUALITY, Refurbished & Ex-Lease Computers at incredible prices, backed with warranty and service that is second to none.
As an online store we have super low overheads, to give you the best price possible.

You can find full details on the Warranty by clicking here.