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I got a Honda import recently and had to have the central locking fixed. Unfortunately my mechanic disconnected the power, which shuts down the computer screen which is used to control….well everything. No one seemed to know how to boot this thing back into life.Went in to the main Honda outlet to see if I could get a fix, but because the vehicle was not imported by them they just didn’t want to know. Though I was told I could order a disc from Japan to restart the screen for $1000! That night I went online & found an equivalent item on hungryPC for $29 plus shipping. Could it be that easy? Received it in the mail today while I was heading out.
Shoved it in the slot with a level of pessimism, but lo & behold…within 5 seconds the screen came on, a bar appeared, and quickly loaded up within about 20 seconds, I pressed eject and then…the engine exploded!! Actually no…the car stayed in one piece & everything is now working hunky dory. Easiest fix ever! Cheers hungryPC.