The story behind discovering this site and the journey to get this laptop was quite incredible, going through some very clumsy and uptight loan groups.

As for the laptop itself its actually far better than I expected. The audio and microphone work great that I now record my podcasts from the laptop’s microphone. For 850 dollars you get high specs that can easily be upgraded further should you desire to do so. In retail this will cost double the price or even more. The USB ports are all 3.0 which is nice. The screen size is surprisingly better than i had thought too. The only downside I can think of is battery life but this seems to be a problem with all Dell laptops and the small size of this one kinda makes up for that.

Overall I was really pleased with this purchase and any future purchase will be through this website and just an extended version of the current laptop (more RAM, power processor, SSD etc…)