I ordered one of these to replace my 10 year old faltering desktop. I had hungryPC upgrade the drive to a 120 GB SSD and put in a good graphics card. The machine arrived in good time and I spent a very agreeable few hours getting all my software onto it and setting it up. I have bought second hand machines once or twice in the past but this one is a revelation. It arrived in immaculate condition, and except for a couple of very minor marks on the case looks brand new. In short, it is quiet, smooth, and very quick and to say I am thrilled with it is a massive understatement. The idea of a refurbished business class machine instead of a new consumer class machine is a brilliant concept, and I have no hesitation in recommending hungryPC for their product, their prices, and their service. In short, I have had many computers since my first Sinclair ZX81 many years ago, but this really is one of the best deals I have ever had. And if you can remember the ZX81 then you’re older than you look! Many thanks hungryPC. I am sure I will be looking to you again when I need hardware in the future.