Honda Internavi Boot Disc DVD *FIX GREEN MESSAGE* for Accord and Inspire Models

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If you own a Honda Accord or Inspire with the built-in Japanese Internavi System (shown in picture) you may have seen this green error message, or your car might be stuck on it right now.

This error message translates to “Insert Disc”, and will show whenever power is disconnected (flat battery etc) as the car is trying to load the cars original Japanese Maps disc into the system. The touch screen is then unusable and shows this error. This means many of the Radio and Air Conditioning controls (vent’s, fan speed etc) are unable to be used, even for us in NZ not using the Japanese Maps!

This tool is suitable for all Honda Accord CL7, CL9, including EURO R and CM1, CM2, and CM3 Accord Wagons that have the pictured Honda Nav Touchscreen. Also works with Honda Inspire 2003-2007. It is not required for (rare) Hard Drive based models, that do not have a DVD player and do not bring up this message.

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Since we could not find a map disc for sale anywhere, as they were never made for NZ, we spent countless hours working out a solution to reboot the touch screen on our car, now we can now help you too, with this tool, and bring your touch screen back to life.

See the pictures, it really works! Feedback has been extremely positive from our customers.

Included is a Boot Disc Tool with our helpful instructions included. Within minutes your touchscreen will start just as the car came from the factory. We also have troubleshooting tips and other things to try if you have no luck.

Note: This is not the same as the original Honda Maps disc, this is a tool only intended to bring back the Touch Screen for all normal car control features, Radio, Airconditioning etc (Majority of which are in English). We are unable to load Maps or change language for other areas.

Once you’ve used this to reboot your Touchscreen, This video is a great help with changing the clock’s date and time: