Molex to SATA Power Cord / Adapter (For SATA HDD)
As per photo, ideal for making your new SATA hard drive / optical drive or other device work on an older power supply that only has MOLEX connectors. Brand new, 30 day warranty included.
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3.5″ 160GB SATA Hard Drive (REFURBISHED)

Pulled from working machines due to upgrade, we have several of these drives available, various models but all are from either Western Digital or Seagate. Will send whatever is available first, feel free to request your preferred brand. ____________________________ * … Continued

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3.5″ 500GB SATA Hard Drive (REFURBISHED)

WD Caviar Blue hard drives have a multitude of features to deliver rock solid performance and ultra-cool and quiet operation. WhisperDrive technology minimizes noise to levels near the threshold of human hearing. SoftSeek technology streamlines read/write seeking algorithms, resulting in … Continued

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