Honda Internavi Green Error Message Fix
Honda Internavi Boot Disc DVD *FIX GREEN MESSAGE* for Accord and Inspire Models
If you own a Honda Accord or Inspire with the built in Japanese Internavi System (shown in picture) you may have already seen this green error message, in fact your car might be stuck on it right now. This error message translates to "Insert System Disc", Whenever the power is disconnected (flat battery etc) this disc is required to "reboot" the system. Without this disc, the touch screen system is unusable. This means many of the Radio and even Air Conditioning controls (vent's, fan speed etc) are unable to be used. The system also has many various menus with Fuel Economy meters, Calculator and all sorts. This disc is suitable for all Honda Accord CL7, CL9, including EURO R and CM1, CM2, and CM3 Accord Wagons that have the pictured Honda Nav Touchscreen. Now also works with the Honda Inspire 2003-2007 models!
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